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This App From Schneider Electric Can Help Optimize Your Home’s Energy Use—for a Price (Sun, 29 Jan 2023)
Schneider Electric’s app-controlled electricity management hardware gives you more control over your power consumption. Are the utilities savings worth it?
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The Best Amazon Fire Tablet (2023): Which Model Should You Buy? (Sun, 29 Jan 2023)
Whether you need a travel-friendly slate or something affordable for the kids, we tested every model to find the right one for everybody.
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‘Nasty’ Geometry Breaks a Decades-Old Tiling Conjecture (Sun, 29 Jan 2023)
Mathematicians predicted that if they imposed enough restrictions on how a shape might tile space, they could force a periodic pattern to emerge. They were wrong.
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Su Tissue of Suburban Lawns reads Burger King Commercial (Sun, 29 Jan 2023)
Here's a clip of the iconic and mysterious Su Tissue of the band Suburban Lawns reading a Burger King Advertisement. Only Su Tissue can make a Burger King Ad sound cool and fascinating. As someone commented on the clip "That's as surreal as any of her songs!" — Read the rest
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1000 aluminum cans transformed into a beautiful electric guitar (Sun, 29 Jan 2023)
How does one turn 1000 aluminum cans into an electric guitar? Burl's Art shows us his process from start to finish. He collected soda cans for over a year from camping trips and BBQs. Next, he spent 3 months building a furnace to melt the cans, and then constructed the guitar in his workshop. — Read the rest
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Milan Jaram creates Star Wars sneakers with AI (Sun, 29 Jan 2023)
Star Wars Star Wars-themed sneakers and sneaker collaborations are not new. Vans, Nike, DC Shoes (with a distinctive Boba Fett capsule), and Adidas (with this clean, eco-friendly "Yoda" Stan Smith model) have all created sneaks inspired by the universe of Star Wars characters. — Read the rest
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