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Facebook Portal (2019) Review: Mixed Feelings (Wed, 16 Oct 2019)
In many ways, I like the Portal. But it’s difficult to separate this family of devices from the social network that makes them.
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Tired of Jetlag? The App Timeshifter Will Help Reset Your Clock (Wed, 16 Oct 2019)
Timeshifter cribs NASA-backed science to help you recalibrate your biorhythms after switching time zones.
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Today’s Cartoon: Watermark Removal (Wed, 16 Oct 2019)
This procedure is performed by a licensed professional.
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You Say Goodbye and We Say Hello (Tue, 31 Dec 2013)
To our dear readers: Thank you, thank you very much.
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Another Longtime Windows Exec Heads for the Exit as 2013 Draws to a Close (Tue, 31 Dec 2013)
Grant George, the former head of testing for Windows, was one of several executives left on the outside looking in following a September reorganization of the Windows unit.
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Some of Our Fave D Conference Videos Before AllThingsD Signs Off in 3 … 2 … 1 … (Tue, 31 Dec 2013)
Tech and media bigs on the red-hot seat.
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David Bowie could have played Rorschach in Terry Gilliam's "Watchmen" adaptation (Wed, 16 Oct 2019)
Five years after giving his supposedly-last interview, the Great Wizard of Northampton Alan Moore has once again deigned to allow someone to record a conversation with him for public consumption. This time, it's part of Paperback Writers: Graphic Content, a new BBC series where comic book writers discuss their musical influences. Moore is surprisingly delightful over the course of the two-hour interview-slash-DJ-session, sharing great songs alongside tidbits from his life. He talks a bit about the end of his comic book career, as well as his upcoming work in opera and film. In a rare instance, he also talks briefly about adaptations of his work. Not the upcoming HBO TV sequel-adaptation of Watchmen, of course—rather, Terry Gilliam's attempted adaptation during the late 1980s. Moore says: I did hear that when Terry Gilliam was supposed to be doing Watchmen back in the 1980s. I remember he told me that he’d had a number of phone calls from David Bowie asking to play the Rorschach character. There’s an alternate world we can only imagine. As if I needed any more proof that we're living in a divergent Hellworld that splintered off the main timeline after Bowie's death. Now I'll be cursed with dreams of another, even better world where Bowie played Rorschach in a Joel Silver-produced Terry Gilliam movie penned by Gilliam's Brazil co-writing partner, Charles McKeown. (Okay so maybe that Joel Silver part still would ruined it.) You can listen to Moore's two-hour BBC interview here. Read the rest
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The life of Homer (Wed, 16 Oct 2019)
The apogee of Simpsonwave, by KingChritty in 2017: Thoughts,attitude,train,-Simpsons. The track is "trains.", by altitude. Read the rest
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Explosion at California storage tank farm (Wed, 16 Oct 2019)
A fire raged for hours Tuesday at the NuStar storage silo farm by the Phillips 66 refinery between Oakland and Vallejo, Ca. There's an archived live feed from KRCA showing two of the silos burning; the embedded YouTube video shows the second silo exploding. (Jump to 1:15 and tilt head 90 degrees left). Speculation is that a minor earthquake triggered the blaze. Read the rest
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Maintaining a Software-Obsessed Tech Industry is Self-Sabotage (Tue, 15 Oct 2019)
Software-Obsessed Tech Can we see that maintaining a software-obsessed tech industry is self-sabotage? As a venture capitalist, I know there’s incredible excitement around quantum computing. Yet, as a material scientist, I also see the technology is at least five years away from commercialization. Once again, we see a bias that plagues the tech community: software overshadowing hardware. […] The post Maintaining a Software-Obsessed Tech Industry is Self-Sabotage appeared first on ReadWrite.
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Employees can be Your Greatest Defense Against Security Threats (Tue, 15 Oct 2019)
security threats Employees can be your greatest defense against security threats. These security threats abound because it is our nature to trust many different people with sensitive information. A security threat even has a loophole into our employee logins. There will always be human error, which is something companies must take into account when strategizing security. All […] The post Employees can be Your Greatest Defense Against Security Threats appeared first on ReadWrite.
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5 Questions MSPs Should Ask Customers to Determine Security Needs (Tue, 15 Oct 2019)
Managed Service Providers and security Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. They employ the vast majority of Americans, keep communities thriving, and produce the lion’s share of innovations. Small business is the backbone of our way of life; that’s why it’s so troubling that SMBs often underestimate the risk of cyberattacks. Managed Service Provider’s (MSPs) should ask customers […] The post 5 Questions MSPs Should Ask Customers to Determine Security Needs appeared first on ReadWrite.
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